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DHS-5001                                 EXERCISE BIKE DHS-5002                            EXERCISE BIKE                DHS-5003                                       STANDAR FLYWHEELCYCLE                 
*Display:Twin star-type speedmeter with mechanical timer *Display: speed,distance,time,calories and scan. *Speedometer(Km or Miles/Hr type) with distance counter,timer:60minutes
*Tension:Belt tension c *Tension:Belt tension *Handle bar:V shape,
ontrol system control system Dia.7/8"x T1.4mm
*Flywheel:5KGS(11pound) *Flywheel: 7KGS(15pound) *Seat post:Dia. 1" x T1.6mm
*Saddle:Soft PVC *Saddle:Soft PU seat *Frame: Dia. 1.1" x T 1.4mm
*PedalsLRubber foot straps, *PedalsLRubber foot *Front post:              
w/o self-balance straps with  self-balance Dia. 1 5/16"xT2mm          
*Crank:Complete set of 9 pcs *Crank:Complete set of 9 pcs *Back post:Dia. 1 5/16" xT2mm
with retainer balls,U-C-P,24 with retainer balls,U-C-P,24 *Pedals:With strap and
Threads for one PC crank Threads for one PC crank self-balance 
*Handle bar *Seat post: *Saddle: PVC  
:Dia.1"xL600mmxT1.4mm 23.5mmx53.5mmxT1.6mm *Crank: STD 9pcs B.B. parts  
*Seat post: Dia. 1"xT1.6mm *Handle bar stand,front *Wheel: 4.5kgs(11Pounds)
*Front post,back post: post,back post *Tension: Nylon tape
Dia. 1 5/16"x T 2.0mm :30mmx60mmxT1.6mm *Packing:1set/15kgs/17kgs/2.19'
*Floor stand: *Floor stand *20FT CNTR/450sets
30mmx60mmxT1.6mm :30mmx60mmxT1.6mm *40FT CNTR/950sets
Packing:1set/20kgs/22kgs/2.3' Packing:1set/21kgs/23kgs/2.6' @
20' CNTR/430sets 20' CNTR/380sets @
40' CNTR/860sets 40' CNTR/760sets @

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DHS-5004                             DUAL ACTION FLYWHEEL CYCLE DHS-5005                                          CHROME FLYWHEEL CYCLE DHS-5006                            ECONOMIC FLYWHEEL CYCLE              
*Oval handle bar *Chrome frame *Single meter(speedometer only)
*Seat post with pin hole               *Pedal without straps, without self- balance *Pedal without self-balance,without strap *Nylon bush crank                         *Pedal without self-balance,without strap
*Other features see model DHS-5003 *Single meter(speedometer only)  *Other features see model:DHS-5004 *Other features see model:DHS-5004 Packing:1set/15kgs/17kgs/2.19'
*Packing:1set/19kgs/21kgs/2.19'       Packing:1set/19kgs/21kgs/2.19' 20FT CNTR/450sets
20FT CNTR/450sets                       40FT CNTR/950sets 20FT CNTR/450sets                        40FT CNTR/900sets 40FT CNTR/900sets

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DHS-5007                              ERGOMETER BIKE                          DHS-5008                                    FLYWHEEL CYCLE DHS-5009                               DUAL ACTION CYCLE
*RPM Gauge/Omometer,60Minutes timer,Ribbon gauge with Watt and Torque. An energy equipvalents table and a calories consumption table us showing *Displays: Time/Tempo/Distance set/Timer set                                *Tension:Belt tension control system                                          *Flywheel:Painted edge,15pounds    Same as DHS-5008,but with dual action                                          Packing:1set/23kgs/25kgs/2.9'     20FT CNTR/345sets                       40FT CNTR/720sets
*Tension control with caliper brake pad resistance system *Saddle: PU seat                          *Pedals: Self-balance with strap @
*Flywheel:38 Pounds,Polished edge for caliper resitance *Seat  post:23.5mmx53.5mmx T1.6mm @
*Handlebars:C.P. with PVC grips *Saddle:PU foam seat *Handle bar stand,front post back post:30mmx60mmxT1.6mm @
*Pedals:Self-balance adjustable rubber foot straps *Floor stand:40mmx80mmxT1.6mm @
*Seat post: Dia 1.1"xT1.4mm         *Frame: Dia. 1.1" x T1.8mm Packing:1set/22kgs/24kgs/2.9' @
Packing:1set/32kgs/35kgs/3.8'       20FT CNTR/345sets,          40'CNTR/720sets 20FT CNTR/345sets                        40FT CNTR/720sets @

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DHS-5010                                             DHS-5011
*Oval shape handle bar                          *Display:Distance, Time,Speed,Calories   
*Display: Same as DHS-5008 and scan
*PVC Saddle *Seat post:23.5mm x 53.5mm x T1.6mm
*Nylon bush crank                                          *Wheel: 11 Pounds(5kgs) *Handle bar stand, front post,Back post:30mm x 60mm x T1.6mm
*Pedal:with strap,without self-balance *Other features see model DHS-5010
*Seat post:30mm x 30mm x T1.6mm Packing:1set/19kgs/21kgs/2.9'
*Handle bar stand,front post back post:38mm x 38mm x T1.6mm 20FT CNTR/345sets
*Floor stand:30mm x 60mm x T 1.6mm 40FT CNTR/720sets
Packing:1set/19kgs/21kgs/2.9'/carton       @
20FT CNTR/345sets, 40FT CNTR/720sets

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