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WIN A FLOOD OF PROFITS With Ark Exercise Equipment

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DHS-3001                              Air walker,loading weight:over 100kgs,swing no nose,our meter can display five major functions:  1.speed 2.calorie consumption        3. distance   4.time          5.step count DHS-3002                            Power rider,foldable              size:117 x 61 x 125cm  Packing:                            1set/21kgs/23kgs/3.25'         20' FCL:310sets                   40' FCL:620sets     DHS-3002-1                              Power rider,foldable              size:97 x 55 x 118cm             Packing:                            1set/16kgs/18kgs/3.2'/ctn     20' FCL:318sets                     40' FCL:650sets    

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DHS-3003                               Multi-Power rider,foldable  sizee:120 x 95 x 135cm  Packing:                         1set/22kgs/24kg/3.25'/ctn   20' FCL:267sets                   40' FCL:549set          DHS-3006                               Spin bike                     size:100 x 63 x 115cm         Packing:                            1set/34kgs/36kgs/5.8'          20' FCL: 170sets                40' FCL: 340sets                  DHS-3004                                Folds away for convenient sotrage                         size:128 x 70 x 65cm            Packing:                            1set/15.5kgs/3.1'/carton     20'FCL: 312sets                     40'FCL: 620sets                 

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