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DHM-3001.jpg (13806 bytes) DHM-3101
1.Automatic/manual operated feeding handle
2.Current meter
3.Spindle cross moving handwheel
4.Spindle RPM / Feeding chart
5.Handwheel dial
6.Spindle feeding capacity changing handle
7.Spindle rpm changing handle
8.Manual fine feeding handwheel
10.Spindle and column clamping button
11.Drill shank realease button
12.Clutch handle for spindle feeding
13.Clutch handle for spindle rotating

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     CW, CCW, and STOP
14.Switch for radial arm lifting, spindle
    rotating CW, CCW, or STOP
15.Emergency stop

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Speed cn be preset Tool shank realse Hydraulic clamping system
The machine can preset the rpm Tool shank can be easily and qui- The machine adopts hydraulic cl-
  of the next operation during ckly released simply by pushing a amping system to control the
  machining by turning around the button safe and efficient release clamp and the release of spindle
  handle,required speed will be working efficiency and wil never unit and column continuously or
  reached automatically. damage the spindle or decrease individually,it is ideal for position-
bearing   accuracy. ing in boring operation.

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Dry run Gear box Heavy duty and high rigidity
When centering the work-piece Apart from the chrome molybde- The machine is made of meeha-
  or release the drill,press dry run num alloy material applied to the   ite casting and is constructed
  button for the hydraulic driver gears were processed through with rib strips for extra rigidity
  and makes the dry run easily cementing hardening and preci- and ensure heavy duty machine.
sion grinding to increase gear
strength,durability and reliability.


UNIT      DHM-3101 DHM-3102 DHM-3103
Distance between center of spindle and column


1810mm(71-1/4") 1510mm(59-7/16") 930mm(36-5/8")


535mm(21-1/16") 535mm(21-1/16") 310mm(12-13/64")
Distance between spindle center&column end Max. 1635mm(64-3/8") 1335mm(52-9/16") 830mm(32-21/32")
Min. 360mm(14-5/32") 360mm(14-5/32") 210mm(8-17/64")
Distance between spindle bottom&base top Max. 1395mm(54-7/8") 1395mm(54-7/8") 1070mm(42-1/8")
Min. 385mm(15-5/32") 385mm(15-5/32") 305mm(12")
Dia. of column          350mm(13-25/32") 350mm(13-25/32") 200mm(7-7/8")
Height of column       2695mm(106-1/8") 2695mm(106-1/8") 1950mm(76-4/7")
Max.distance between spindle top&bottom of base      3100mm(122-1/16") 3100mm(122-1/16") 2030mm(79-7/8")
Machine area           2400 x 840mm 2100 x 840mm 1360 x 650mm
Floor space         2670 x 1140mm 2370 x 1140mm 1830 x 1080mm
Thickness of base        195mm(7-21/32") 195mm(7-21/32") 145mm(5-11/16")
Spindle unit traverse       1275mm(50-3/16") 975mm(38-3/8") 620mm(24-13/32")
Radial arm traverse 720mm(28-11/32") 720mm(28-11/32") 535mm(21-1/16")
Spindle up & down traverse 300mm(11-13/16") 300mm(11-13/16") 210mm(8-1/4")
Dia. of spindle Cylinderical rack/spindle 105/80(4 1/8", 3 1/8") 105/80(4 1/8", 3 1/8") 68/68(2 11/16", 2-11/16")
Spindle bore M.T. NO: 5 NO: 5 NO: 4
Wortable size 1750 x 825mm 1480 x 825mm 893 x 630mm
Spindle motor KW 5.5KW (7.5HP) 3.7KW (5HP) 1.5KW (2HP)
Spindle unit traverse KW 1.5KW (2HP) 1.5KW (2HP) 0.75KW (1HP)
Motor for clamping KW 0.75KW (1HP) 0.75KW (1HP) -
Spindle feeding range mm(")/rev 0.06-1.12(0.0023-0.044") 0.06-1.12(0.0023-0.044") 0.07-0.13-0.22mm
section 12 12 3
Spindle RPM 60HZ/RPM 30-1580 30-1580 88-1500
50HZ/RPM 25-1316 25-1316 75-1250
Machining capacity drilling cast iron       /steel 66/56mm 60/50mm 50/38mm
boring 186/126mm 180/120mm 105/70mm
tapping 60/50mm 60/50mm 25/19mm
Net weight kg/lbs 4000/8800 3500/7000 1280/2816
Gross weight kg/lbs 4600/10120 4000/8800 1500/3300
Packing size IN 103" x 40" x 101" 91" x 40" x 101" 59" x 30" x85"
Adjusting tool(1),cutting oil pump(1),table(1).

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