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dh22053.JPG (19623 bytes) FEATURES AND CONSTRUCTION:
The powerful Oscillating Edge Belt give you 
more for your money in sanding precision Sander
is designed to requirements. It provides an
outstanding performance of smooth ,vibrationless
Oscillation at 120 times per minute with a rise and
fall of 15 min is very smooth.
Finish ground table has vertical and angular
adjustments. Belt tension is easily obtained and
maintained by handwheel. Belt tracking made rase with
adjusting screw effect this adjustment quickly and
accurately. Base made of heavy steel plate is massive
and rigid in construction with thick walls to ensure
vibrationless sanding.


DH-22052 DH-22053
Table area 14"x35"(356x889mm) 14"x60"(356x1524mm)
Height adjustment of table 10"(254mm) 10"(254mm)
Table tilt 0-45° 0-45°
Belt drive motor 3 HP 5 HP
Oscillation drive motor 1/2 HP 1/2 HP
Length of oscillation 15mm 15mm
Oscillation per minute 120 120
Belt size 10"x113" 10"x170"
Belt speed 1180 meters/min. 1180 meters/min.
Net weight 550 kg 800 kg
Gross weight 700 kg 1000 kg
Packing dimension 69"x37"x51" 92"x37"x51"

dh22054.JPG (14239 bytes) DH-22054 BELT SANDER
3HP, 790mm sanding length,
belt size 2000mm x 153mm,
belt speed 13M/sec.,
both tables tilt 45° round end diameter 70mm,
for angle or round edge and irregular curve sanding.

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