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DH-23247            100mm Belt & 152mm Disc Sander
DH-23247.jpg (9233 bytes) * Powerful 450W induction motor
* Most popular belt disc sander with 100mm belt
  sander and Ø 150mm sanding disc
* Table can be sued for disc or belt and can be
   tilted up to 45º
* Sanding belt can be tilted up to 45º by a supplied
* Robust one piece cast iron housing with easy
  carrying handle
* Two built-in dust extraction ports for sanding belt
  and sanding disc
* No-Volt-Release switch

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DH-23247-1 DH-23247-2 DH-23247-3
Vertical sanding Belt sanding Disc sanding
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DH-23247-4 DH-23247-5 DH-23247-6 DH-23247-7
Disc sanding Drum sanding Optional sander and disc sander

DH-23248   125mm Belt & 254mm Disc Sander

DH-23248.jpg (10312 bytes) * Powerful 1130W induction motor
* Belt table tilts and locks from 0º to 90º for horizontal
* Concearled motor provides safety and dust proof
   for longer life
* Heavy gauge sheet metal base for stabililty, and
  noise minimization
* Capable of sanding various material such as wood
  plastic,aluminum and steel
* Quick-release belt tension,with single action
   tracking adjustment
* Cast iro work table for disc or belt sanding,tilts
  up to 45º for bevel sanding
* Dust extraction facility
* Sanding disc with standard self-adhesive back
  sanding paper
DH-23248-1.jpg (2525 bytes) DH-23248-2.jpg (2719 bytes) DH-23248-3.jpg (2779 bytes) DH-23248-4.jpg (2721 bytes)
DH-23248-1 DH-23248-2 DH-23248-3 DH-23248-4
Drum sanding Work table can be tilted Belt sanding Disc danding
from 0º-45º


DH-23247 DH-23248
Belt size(WxL) 100 x 914 mm 150 x 1220 mm
Belt speed 448M/min 660M/min
Motor 250 W 1130W
Work table tilt 0-45º 0-45º
Belt table tilt 0-90º 0-90º
Work table size 159 x 225mm 330 x 165mm
Disc size Ø 152mm Ø 250mm
Disc speed 2337 per minute 3000 per minute
Overall size(LxwxH) 544 x 438 x 297mm 545x610x820mm
Net/Gross Wt. 22 / 24 kg 58/61 kg (with stand)
Packaging size 1.83cu.ft. 5 cu.ft.

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