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DHB-20040 DHB-20040E
The machine has passed through continuous research&reform
to develop a new model, which being with special features and designed
specially against to product the drug bottle, toy and "POKI" ice bar etc.,
application. High rate production and due to various produce the different
material such as PP,PE,EVA,PS,PVC 475 to products (as follow picture
figure shows) at the same time, especially, which is the most economical
and high performance machinery now.

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DHB-20040/20040E-2 DHB-20040E-3 DHB-20040E-1
Control box The samples Hydraulic die clamping


DHB-20040 DH-20040E
Material to be used PE/PP   PVC PE/PP   PVC
Screw diameter 40mmø 40mmø
L/D ratio 1:22 1:22
Driven motor PE VS 5HP VS 7 /12HP VS 3HP VS 5HP
Max. extrude capacity/per hour 15kgs 15kgs
Heating zone(Barrel) 2 POINT 2 POINT
Heating capacity(Barrel) 3.6KW 3.6KW
Heating zone(Die head) 2 POINT 2 POINT
Heating capacity(Die head) 2 KW 2 KW
Die nozzle outer dia. 40mmø 40mmø
Mould Plate - -
Max.opening stroke 240mm 240mm
Min. close stroke 80mm 80mm
Mold size(Max.) W x H 80-330mm 80-330mm
Products - -
Product weight(Max.) 35g 35g
Product dia(min/Max.) 10-80mmø 10-80mmø
Product capacity(Min./Max.) 20-460 CC 20-460 CC
Total power consumption 9.3 KW 10.5 KW
Weight of machine 550kgs 650kgs
Packing size(L x W x H) 89" x 39" x 71" 89" x 39" x 79"
Machine meas't(M3) 4 CBM 4.5CBM
Optional Equipment - -
Air compressor 3 HP 3 HP
Chiller 3 TON 3 TON
Cooling tower 5 RT 5 RT
Auto loader TYPE-400 TYPE-400
Hopper dryer 100 kgs 100 kgs

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