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DH-22215 DH-22216
Max.drill capacity Non metals 1/4"ø 6.5 MM 1/2"(13MM)
Spindle taper JT1 JT33, B16
Chuck 1/4"(6.5MM) 1/2"(13MM)
Max. spindle stroke 1"(25MM) 1 5/16"(49MM)
Swing 4 5/16"(110MM) 8 3/16"(208MM)
Number of speed 3 5
Spindle of speed 50HZ(R.P.M.) 5000,,6500,8500 600-2600(5S)
60HZ(R.P.M.) 700-3000(5S)
Size of base 238MM x 170mm 314MM x 179MM
Max.distance from spindle to table - 7 1/4"(185MM)
Max. distance from spindle to base - 11 1/4"(285MM)
Size of table - 160MM x 160MM
Diameter of coloumn - 1 7/8"(47MM)
Overall height 400MM 22 1/2"(570MM)
Motor 110W 1/3HP
Machine dimension(LxWxH) 315mmx360mmx210mm  
Weight (net)                                Gross 3.1kgs 18.1kgs
4.5kgs 19.1kgs
CUFT 0.61' 1.22'
MODEL DH-22217 DH-22218
Max.drill capacity 1/2"(13MM) 5/8"(16MM) 5/8"(16MM)
Spindle taper JT33, B16 JT33/JT3,B16
Chuck 1/2"(13MM) 5/8"(16MM) 1/2"(13MM) 5/8"(16MM)
Max. spindle stroke 2 3/8"(60MM) 3 1/8"(80MM)
Swing 10"(254MM) 13 3/4"(350MM)
Number of speed 5 5
Spindle of speed 50HZ(R.P.M.) 600-2600(5S) 600-2600(5S)
60HZ(R.P.M.) 700-3000(5S) 700-3000(5S)
Size of base 333MM x 205MM 440MM x 250MM
Max.distance from spindle to table 12 3/16"(310MM) 17 1/2"(443MM)
Max. distance from spindle to base 16 1/2"(420MM) 23 3/16"(605MM)
Size of table 200MM x 200MM 290MM-0 230x230MM-S
Dimension of coloumn 2 3/8"(60MM) 2 7/8"(73MM)
Overall height 745MM 1000MM
Motor 1/2 HP 1/2HP
Weight (net)                                Gross 28.2kgs 42kgs
29.7kgs 45kgs
CUFT 2.03' 3.45'

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