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dh22014.JPG (12263 bytes) dot.JPG (1951 bytes) *Table of 72" length, precision ground with adjustment for accurate alignment to the cutter block. Both the infeed and outfeed tables are adjiustable easily measured with indicator.
*Table surface has been heat treated for best hardness.
*Main frame built by pieve fabricated steel, stronglt constructed to eliminate vibration.
*Well tooled fence attachment alwarys to contact the working surface and can be locked at any angle from 45 to 90.
*Easy reading depth of cutting indicator.
*Up-graded motor power for heavy duty joint planing jobs.
*With precision ground and perfectly balance 3 knives cutterhead.
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MODEL DH-22014 DH-22015 DH-22016
Table area 72"x12" 72"x14" 84"x16"
Cutterhead diameter 4"
Max. planing width 305(12") 350(14") 407(16")
Max. cutting depth 19(3/4")
Motor 3P,2HP 3 HP 3P,5HP
Speed of cutterhead 5200rpm
Net weight 660lbs(380kg) 836lbs(420kg) 1100lbs(500kg)
Gross weight 836lbs(460kg) 1012lbs(500kg) 1320lbs(600kg)
Packing size 1980x640x1020

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