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Twin Labeling Machine

                                     DHM-3347  Twin Labeling Machine

1. This machine is designed for double side labeling on flat bottles. It can be
    operated in a production line or operated individually.
1. The modular construction makes this machine suitable for operation togeth-
    er with other machines or in a production line.
2. Equipped with a PLC control combined with human/machine interface LCD    
     touch screen, providing user friendly operations.
3. The conveyor belt, guide mechanism and pressure arm are powered by the
    same power source for maximum stability of labeling.
4. Memory capacity of 50 data sets.


 Model No. DHM-3347
Machine size 2750(L)x1400(W)x1665(H)mm
Weight 400kgs
Power 110/220V, 50/60HZ
Control system Mitsubishi PLC control system and digital touch screen
Label height 10-120mm or 10-160mm, 10-180mm
Label length 15-250mm
Reel inner diameter 76mm
Reel outer diameter Less than 360mm
Product width 30-150mm
Product height 45-380mm
Labeling speed 12-25M/per minute
Conveyor speed 0-25M/per minute
Optional accessories 1. Hot printer 2. Conveyor extension

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