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DH-22076,DH-22077,DH-22078   PANEL SAW

dh22076.JPG (16854 bytes) LONG THUNDER Panel Saws Give You The Capacity To
Cut Panels Quickly, Accurately And Easily.
DH-22076(2700mm length of cut)
DH-22077(3300mm length of cut)
DH-22078(3900mm length of cut)
**High sensitivity optical fiber sensor for saw
**Depth of cut 80mm
**High-performance saw motion control
**Trouble-free IC circuit board
**extremely fast cutting speed

DH-22079,DH-22080,DH-22081   COMPUTER PANEL SAW

dh22079.JPG (20190 bytes) dot.JPG (1951 bytes) DH-22079(2700mm length of cut)
DH-22080(3300mm length of cut)
DH-22081(3900mm length of cut)
**Advanced computer control
**Depth of cut 80mm
**Panel feed is driven with an AC servo motor
**Precision ball screw on the feed drive
**Linear motion guides for effortless sliding

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