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Measuring Tape

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LT-41001 Digital Meausre LT-41002 5-IN-1 Calcu-Measure LT-41003  6-IN-1 Torch-Measure LT-41004   Angle Level
1.Steel tape 5M/16ftx5/8"(16m) 1.Tape measure 3M/10ftx1/2" 1.Tape measure 5M/16ftx5/8" 1.Scale D. 50mm+6" stainless
2.Digital display of length 2.Solar calculator 2.Torch Rule, ABS body
measurement 3.Level 3.Solar calculator Packing:144pcs/13kgs/2.2'
3.Length addition and memory 4.Pencil 4.Level 2.Scale D. 65mm+6" stainless
4.Area calculation 5.Erasable memo sheet 5.Pencil Rule, ABS body
5.Volume calculation 6.Erasable memo sheet Packing:144pcs/17.3kgs/2.2'
6.Calculation of large area 3.Scale D. 65mm+6" Stainless
7.Calculation of large volume Rule, Zinc body
8.Convertible between metric Packing:56pcs/14.7kgs/1.8'
and imperial units
9.Wall to wall measurement
10.Back light lamp for LCD
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LT-41005      Angle Level


1.Scale D. 50mm+3M/10ftx1/2" Tape 2M/6ft   x  1/2"(13mm) 5M/16ftx 1"(25mm) 2M/6ft x 1/2"(13mm) 5M/16ft x 1"(25mm)
ABS body; 96pcs/14kgs/2.2' 2M/6ft    x 3/4"(19mm) 6M/20ft x 3/4"(19mm) 2M/6ft x 3/4"(19mm) 6M/20ft x 3/4"(19mm)
2.Scale D. 65mm+7.5M/25ftx3/4" 3M/10ft x 1/2"(13mm) 6M/20ft x 1"(25mm) 3M/10ft x 3/4"(19mm) 6M/20ft x 1"(25mm)
Tape;ABS body; 3M/10ft x 3/4"(19mm) 7.5M/25ft x 3/4"(19mm) 3M/10ft x 3/4"(19mm) 7.5M/25ft x 3/4"(19mm)
56pcs/14.7kgs/1.8' 3.5M/12ftx1/2"(13mm) 7.5M/25ft x 1"(25mm) 3.5M/12ft x1/2"(13mm) 7.5M/25ft x 1"(25mm)
3.5M/12ftx3/4"(19mm) 8M/27ft x 3/4"(19mm) 3.5M/12ftx3/4"(19mm) 8M/27ft x 3/4"(19mm)
5M/16ftx1/2"(13mm) 8M/27ft x 1"(25mm) 5M/16ftx1/2"(13mm) 8M/27ft x 1"(25mm)
5M/16ftx5/8"(16mm) 9M/30ft x 1"(25mm) 5M/16ftx5/8"(16mm) 9M/30ft   x 1"(25mm)
5M/16ftx3/4"(19mm) 10M/33ft x 1"(25mm) 5M/16ftx3/4"(19mm) 10M/33ft x 1"(25mm)
POCKET STEEL TAPE;ABS case chrome plated        
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LT-41008 ZINC case chrome plated LT-41009    ZINC case chrome plated LT-41010 ABS case chrome plated
2M/6ft       x 1/2"   (13mm) 2M/6ft       x  1/2"  (13mm) 2M/6FTx1/2"(13mm) 7.5M/25ftx3/4"(25mm)
3M/10ft     x 1/2"   (13mm) 3M/10ft     x  1/2"  (13mm) 3M/10ftx1/2"(13mm) 7.5M/25ftx1"(25mm)
3.5M/12ft x 1/2"   (13mm) 3.5M/12ft x  1/2"  (13mm) 3.5M/12ftx1/2"(13mm) 8M/27ftx3/4"(19mm)
5M/16ft     x 3/4"   (19mm) 5M/16ft     x  1/2"  (13mm) 5M/16ftx5/8"(16mm) 8M/27ftx1"(25mm)
POCKET STEEL TAPE 5M/16ft     x  3/4"  (19mm) 5M/16ftx3/4"(19mm) 9M/20ftx1"(25mm)
POCKET STEEL TAPE 6M/20ftx3/4"(19mm) 10M/33ftx1"(25mm)
6M/20ftx1"(15mm) POCKET STEEL TAPE

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