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Menu of Router Bits Shaper Cutter & Disposable Router Bits Cutter

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Page127-130 Drawer pull bits(two flutes) Page 151-153 Reversible rail&stile assembly-
(two flutes,ball bearing guide)
Bearing: 22mm
Page 131-134 Door lip bits(two flutes) Page 154 45º Lock mitre bits
Page 155 Glue joint bit set
Page 135 Rail&stile cutter set-classical Page 156 Drawer lock bits
bearing: 22mm Page 157-158 Tongue&groove Parallel, Tapper
Page136-140 Rail&stile cutter set-Ogee,Bead, Page 159 Locking&drawer glue joint bits
Traditional,Classical,Round; Page160-165 Straight bits
(two flutes;ball bearing guide; Page166-167 Bevel trim bit
bearing: 5/8") Page 168 Flush trim bit
Page141 Economy finger joint bit Page 169 "V" Groove bit
Bearing:3/4" Page 170 Hinge boring bits with disposable
Page 142 "V-NOTCH" tongue&groove set inserts
bearing: 5/8" Page171-176 Preform router bits
Page143-146 Reversible rail&stile cutter Ogee, Page177 Finger joint
Chamfer,TraCditional,Classical Page 178 Ball bearings
(two flutes. Ball bearing guide) Page 179-180 Disposable tungsten carbide tips
Page147-150 Double reversible stile&rail assembly

Page 188



Page 189-192

Straight 3- wing,flute/cove            3- wing,half round 3-wing,quarter round,3-wing

Classical (two flutes,ball

Page 193-207

3/4"Bore TCT shaper cutters 1/2" T-bushing

bearing guide; Bearing:22mm

Page 208-211

Raised panel shaper cutters,3-wing,3/4" bore cutters with 1/2" T-bushing. 3-wing,1-1/4"bore cutters with 1" T-bushing.

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