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Easy operated & functional tools.

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                    NEW TYPE SCREW DRIVER SETS                    

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LT-12111 5pc Screwdriver

LT-12112  Swivel type

LT-12113  square blade


Swivel operation type

21pc Magnetic screwdriver set

3pc Swivel type screwdriver 19pc Swivel type screwdriver

11pc Bits+8pc 1/4"dr. Socket+

1pc phillips:#3; 1pc Swivel bit screw handle

1pc bit holder+1pc swivel handle

2pc(-):flatted 8-Socket; 1-bit holder
3-drill bit; 6-bit(+)-3;3-(-)

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LT-12115    Flexible type


LT-12117 Handle over 400LBS


8pc   Ratchet screwdriver set

7pc   Magnetic driver set

20pc High torque ratchet 21pc High torque ratchet
6-(+)-2(No.1;2); (-)-2; Poz-

6-Bits: 2-(-)5,7mm; 2-

screwdriver set  screwdriver  set 


R-O-L -3-Seting auxiliary wrench 9-1/4"dr.socket;5;6;7;8;9;10;
1-Ratchet screwdrive handle


7-1/4"dr.socekt:4;4.5;5;5.5;6;7;8 11;12;13mm; 1-bit adaptor
1-Flexible bit holder

1-Bit screwdriver holder

3-Phillips screwdriver;No.1,2,3 3-(+) No1;2;3; 3-(-)faltted bits
3-Torque bits ; T15,T20;T30 4-Torque bits;t15,20,25,30
5-Screwdriver bit;3;4;5;6;7
1-Magnetic extension bar

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LT-12120 High torque handle


LT-12122 High torque handle

11pc Magnetic driver set

8 pc   Ratchet Screw driver set

7pc Bits set 8pc Ratchet screwdriver set

2-(+)No1,No2; Poz:2-No1,2

1- 2" Magnetic extension bar 1-R-O-L -3-setting auxilary
2-(+)No1;2; Poz:2-(+):No.1,2

3-(-) Flatted screwdriver;3;5;7

3-Phillips bits;No1;2;3 wrench;over 400LBS
2-(-)flatted; 1-Bit adaptor

1-High torque ratchet screw

3-Flatted bits;5/32;3/16;1/4" 3-Flatted bit;5/32;3/16;1/4"
1-Screwdrive holder handle

driver handle

  Length:50mm; 1-Bit holder

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LT-12125 High torque ratchet LT-12126
33pc Security bit  set

34pc High torque ratchet

36pc High torque ratchet screw 25pc  screwdriver set Two color screwdriver

screwdriver set;handle over

driver set, two color handle 1-High torque ratchet handle bit handle;high torque

400LBS of torque;

400LBS of torque; 6-Torx;T10,15,20,25,27,30  


12-1/4"dr.Socket:5-13mm 5-Hex bits;23;4;5;6;  


17- bits 3-Phillips bist;No1,2,3  

4-Hex bit;3;4;5;6; 2-Robson 1,2

5-bit cartridge 3-Poz bits;No1,2,3  

10-(-)3,5,6,7,(+)No1,2,3; Poz1,2,3

1-adapter 5-Flatted bits;3;4;5;6;7mm  

1-Socket adaptor;1-4"

1-ratchet driver    

1-High torque ratchet driver


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