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Steel strap cutter 3/8"~

3/4"x.035".carbon steel drop forged..
One of our "the most popular" steel strapping cutter,economical price,carbon steel drop forged,wide use for
The same as 14230,with PVC shoes.
"Heave duty and stronger"steel strapping cutters,Use for 3/8"~1.1/4"x.031".

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Steel strapping cutter with rubber bads gently releases the straps while cutting 3/8"~1.1/4"x.035" straps.

Steel strap cutters up to 2"x0.035",Hight carbon steel drop forged.
"Heavy duty"steel strap cutters up to 2"x.050"drop forged.R.O.C. pat NO.47406.
"Heavy duty"
steel strap cutters up to   2"x.050" high carbon drop forged.The top cutter blade can be reversed when worn.

14362 14363
Carbon steel drop forged steel straping cutter for 3/8"~3/4" Steel strapping cutter with safety feature which holds
x 0.035" excess end of strap when cut. for 3/8"~1-1/4" x 0.035" straps

14409 14410
Heavy duty steel strap cutter for straps up to 2" x 0.050" Heavy duty steel strap cutter with hammer handle
which easily push the blade in between the strap and package.

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