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Lightweight economical and stronger aluminum base and core cover, for film core 1.1/2",2"&3",shaft can adjust from 12"to 20" with sponge handle grip.
One of the most popular hand wrappers, economical price, with zinc base and core cover, won't break if dropped. For film core 2"&3"
shaft can adjust from 12"to 20", with sponge handle grip.
For film inner core 1.1/2",2"&3",shaft can adjust from 12"to 20",outside dia8",zinc base with sponge handle grip & PVC grip.
For film inner core 1.1/2",2"&3",shaft can adjust from 12"to 20", outside dia8",PVC grip & sponge handle, aluminum top & bottom cover.


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Stretch film cutter, stretch wrap, twine, bubble wrap and foam, without bunching or sticking.
Versatility cutter use for safe belt of car seat, or strapping, cord& film.
Plastic mandrel for film inner core 3".
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Plastic &economic dispenser use for film core 3".
14255                                     Plastic, light weight& easy to use at home, office, office, warehouse or shipping department for 1-1/4" inner core & up to 5" width. 14287
Strong, lightweight&economically  priced  with  aluminum base & core cover for film cores 2" & 3" shaft can be adjusted from 12" to 20" with foam handle grip.
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Stretch film cutter cuts stretch wrap, twines, bubble wrap& foam, fit finger hold it, easy to replace blades.
Stud cutter cuts stud. Stretch film twines, Bubble wraps & foam.
Strong, lightweight&economically  priced with plastic bottom core allow greater flexibility when stretch wrapping for 3" film core. Shaft can be adjustable from 12" to 20".
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14295: Hand-held film wrapper. Place stretch film in between the left and
right wrapper and hold wrappers with two hands. A brake on both wrappers
with two handles. A brake on both wrappers enables the user to control film
tensile easily. Easy to load and economical. Good to use as a present for
film promotion.
14314: Hand-held film wrapper, 2pcs/set. Function same as 14295 but without brake.
14315: 14255 with a roll of film in 100mm x 150M x 22mic

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